New York

In King Kong, New York is the city that appears at the beginning and the end of King Kong. In the beggining, New York is currently facing The Great Depression. Ann Darrow is one of the people in The Depression. She is seen in New York when a man named Carl Denham talks to her about having Ann appear in his next motion picture. Ann agrees and they set off for Skull Island. They come across a monster named Kong and they bring it back to New York. Carl Denham, Ann Darrow, and the crew put Kong on a display. Kong breaks free from the display and goes around the city on a rampage. He destroys a train, smashes cars, and kills people. Kong then climbs to the top of the Empire State Building with Ann. Fighter Planes fly around Kong and shoot him down with a barrage of gunfire. Kong then falls from the Empire State Building down to the floors of New York.