King Kong begins when we see a woman named Ann Darrow, one of the many people in the great depression. A
King kong 1933 poster
movie Director named Carl Denham meets Ann and wants her to be in his next movie. Ann agrees and they go on a ship to reach the destination in which Carl is going to shoot his film, the location is Skull Island. On the ship Ann meets Jack Driscoll, a man who is against having women on the cruise. But eventually Jack falls in love with Ann. This surprises Ann but she also seems to love Jack. Once they reach Skull Island, Carl, Ann, Jack, and the crew come across The Natives. The Natives are part of a mysterious tribe. No one really knows their origins. After the people meet The Natives, The Natives kidnapp Ann and sacrifice her to their god, King Kong. But Kong dosen't kill her. Infact, Kong is in love with Ann. So he steals Ann and takes her to the wild part of Skull Island. The Natives created a wall to seperate the wild side and the village side.  Jack and Carl assemble a search party of  about thirteen men one of which is named Jimmy; who is chosen too carry Denham's bombs.    In the  end they all come accross a log when Kong attacks them.  Jack and Carl are the only ones too hide from him in time.  Kong then starts shaking them off one by one; until Jimmy is the only one left . Kong can't get him off due to him clinging on tight to a branch . so, Kong simply throws the log into the pit down below; chrushing the poor  young salior when it smashes into the bottom and breaks in two.   Kong takes Ann to a cave. But a dinosaur attacks Kong. Kong gets distracted and forgets about Ann while fighting the dinosaur, so Jack comes to the rescue and saves Ann for Kong's grasp. Jack rushes Ann back to the village side. But Kong is furious and goes after Ann. He tears down the gates and begins to kill The Natives. The crew eventually throws gas bombs and Kong and make him go unconscience. The crew then take Kong to New York where they put Kong on display as "Kong, The Eigth Wonder of the World." Kong breaks free from the display however and goes on a rampage through New York. He eventually finds Ann and carries her to the top of the Empire State Building. Kong is then shot down by planes and falls to the New York streets. Carl then says the finishing words of the film, "It was beauty that killed the beast."