King Kong appears in Edo

King Kong appears in Edo is a film released in Japan in the year 1938. The film was produced by studio named Zenshō Cinema. In this film Kong attacks midevil Tokyo. This was one of Japan's first giant monster films. However, it appears that Kong is not always giant in this film. As seen on the poster to the right. In the top-left picture. Kong is huge and is holding a girl in his hand. But in the 1st picture above the bottom left picture, Kong is human size. Fuminori Ohashi was the man who made the Kong suit and did the speacial effects. He would later go on to make the Godzilla suit. This was the first movie to feature specific special effects. This film has been considered a lost film for a great amount of time. Like Wasei Kingu Kongu. This film is also said to be lost due to bombings of the U.S. during World War II.